Wooden Sugar Spoon handcrafted from Teatree by Justine Bolzon in South Australia.  

Teatree Sugar Spoon

  • 23.5cm long.  


    Proper woodcare is essential to ensure that your pieces live a long life.

    It is important that you never leave your wooden pieces soaking in water - this can crack the timber or cause the grain to raise (where the timber loses its smooth finish and begins to feel rough).

    To return your piece to its soft and silky finish you simply need to give it a light sand with a very fine sandpaper (400 to 800 grit is preferred) - this can easily be found at your local hardware store and is commonly sold in single sheets. After the piece has been sanded it can be re-finished in your choice of foodsafe oil - I use 'U Beaut' Foodsafe Mineral Oil which gives a lovely shiny finish.



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